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The Vital Role of Sewer Inspections in Property Maintenance

28 Feb 2024
Damaged sewer lines

Homeowners often prioritize maintaining the visible aspects of their property, such as the lawn, roof, and HVAC system. However, it’s the ones we don’t see—specifically, your sewer lines—that often require the most attention and care.…

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Signs Your Mainline Plumbing Needs Maintenance

23 Feb 2024
Main sewer line

As a homeowner, it’s crucial to keep your mainline plumbing system in top condition to ensure the smooth operation of your home’s water supply and drainage. However, identifying when your mainline plumbing needs maintenance can…

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Preventing Pipe Corrosion: Tips for Protecting Your Home’s Plumbing System

20 Feb 2024
Corroded pipe line

Maintaining the integrity of your plumbing system is essential for ensuring the long-term functionality and safety of your home. One common threat to plumbing infrastructure is pipe corrosion, which can lead to leaks, reduced water…

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Safeguarding Your Pipes and the Planet: Eco-Friendly Drain Cleaning Solutions

15 Feb 2024
Water flowing down the drain

When faced with a clogged drain, reaching for harsh chemical drain cleaners may seem like the quickest solution. However, these chemicals can be harmful to your pipes, your health, and the environment. Fortunately, there are…

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Essential Sewer Backup Prevention Tips

30 Jan 2024
Backed-up sewer line

Sewer backups can turn a homeowner’s life upside down, causing mess and inconvenience. However, with a proactive approach and a few simple practices, you can significantly reduce the risk of sewer backups. When you need…

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The Root Causes of Drain Clogs

24 Jan 2024
Severely clogged drain

Dealing with persistent drain clogs can be a frustrating experience for homeowners. To prevent these issues, it’s essential to understand the root causes behind drain blockages. When dealing with clogs and sewer backup in Mountain…

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DIY Drain Cleaning: Myths and Realities

15 Jan 2024
Clogged drain

Maintaining a clear and functional plumbing system should always be a priority for homeowners. The allure of DIY drain cleaning, however, can sometimes lead to misconceptions and unintended consequences. When dealing with clogged drains, having…

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How Drain Cleaning Can Improve Your Plumbing System

08 Jan 2024
Auger being inserted into a clogged drain

Often overlooked, drain cleaning is an essential maintenance routine that ensures the health and longevity of your plumbing system. By sticking to a regular cleaning schedule with your trusted plumber in Santa Clara, CA, you…

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Drain Cleaning Methods for Sewer Maintenance

29 Dec 2023
Flooded bathroom floor

Maintaining clean and obstruction-free sewers is vital for a well-functioning plumbing system. When dealing with a nasty sewer backup in Mountain View, CA due to clogged drains, don’t fret. EJ Plumbing & Water Heaters offers…

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Can Professional Drain Cleaning Deal with Sewer Backups

27 Dec 2023
backed-up sewer line

Dealing with sewer backups can be a messy and stressful ordeal for any homeowner. However, professional drain cleaning can swiftly resolve these issues, ensuring a smoothly flowing plumbing system. Count on EJ Plumbing & Water…

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