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Make the Most of Water Heater Repair in San Jose, CA

At EJ Plumbing, our entire team recognizes the importance of providing quality plumbing work to our local clientele. Our vast menu of services includes comprehensive maintenance and repairs for traditional and tankless water heaters alike. Regardless of the type and age of your home's water heater unit, you're certain to appreciate our professionalism, efficiency, and attention to detail whenever you call us for a water heater repair in San Jose, CA.

Only Trust Trained Experts With Your Repair Services

Water heater maintenance and repair work are complex tasks that should be left in the hands of skilled professionals. Attempting to do the work yourself or turning to an unlicensed repair person could cause additional damage to the system and lead to greater expense and hassle down the road.

Signs of Possible Water Heater Trouble

A few of the most common indicators of a tank or tankless water heater problem are strange noises coming from the unit, thermostat issues, frequent breaker tripping, and the failure of the unit to deliver any heated water at all. Bacterial growth inside the tank and water leaks are other issues that we're often called on to address.

Reasons Regular Maintenance is Always Important

Without regular maintenance and tune-ups, a water heater unit is prone to breaking down as it ages. Periodic inspection, cleaning, and servicing will help you protect the investment that you made in your home's water heater and may even delay the need for a water heater replacement due to premature unit failure.

Over Two Decades of Providing Quality Work

Our personnel takes every repair job seriously. We'll only install replacement parts that are compatible with your system, and we'll ensure that everything works properly before we leave. In addition to our water heater repair services, we're equally qualified to provide initial water heater installation and to aid homeowners in switching over from tank-style water heaters to modern tankless units.

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