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Your Best Choice to Handle Your Sewer Backup in Santa Clara, CA

When sewer issues arise, it is always best to consult a professional. That is why when something as major as a sewer backup in Santa Clara, CA, happens to your property, acting swiftly is of utmost importance.

As a leader among sewer line repair and sewage cleanup companies, EJ Plumbing offers a wide range of services that are designed to address these all-too-common plumbing issues. Our team has decades of collective expertise that we draw on when performing our work. We also like to educate current and prospective clients about how our services can impact their households.

Why Sewer Backups Occur

The most common cause of sewage backup in basement or similar areas is the blockage of the line by accumulated debris. Damage from corrosion or heavy overburden and the incursion of tree roots into the line can also contribute to sewer issues.

Indicators of Possible Sewer Line Problems

Drains that seem to be moving more slowly than usual or that suddenly make strange gushing or gurgling noises are showing signs of becoming completely blocked. On the exterior of your home, trouble indicators to watch out for include sunken or damp spots on the lawn and healthier-than-normal foliage in one limited spot on the property.

Tips on Preventing Sewer Line Backups

A combination of proactive care and professional maintenance can help you avoid messy sewage cleanup and damage control later on. Our team recommends that you never discard grease, hair, or personal care products down the drain and that you schedule periodic inspections of your sewer to detect problems before they can occur.

Our Sewer Backup Restoration Process

Unfortunately, a sewer line backup can sometimes still occur even with the most diligent of preventive efforts. If this happens to you, our team will take steps to clean up the spill and perform the needed repairs to be sure that the line stays open and flowing freely in the future.

So Many Reasons to Go With Us

Although repairing and cleaning up after a sewer or mainline backup is tough work, our team sacrifices nothing when it comes to communication, courtesy, and customer service. We'll also offer you a detailed upfront estimate so that you'll know just what you're agreeing to before the work begins.

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