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At EJ Plumbing we provide excellent service for piping and repiping of your home or business. Pipes can begin to wear down after years of use and they may begin to rust, crack, or reduce the quality of water in your home. In these cases, we can evaluate the extent of the damage and provide a full repiping if necessary. If your home is new or you are adding on and need additional piping, our qualified Santa Clara & San Jose plumbing service are widely recognized for delivering expert results that last.

How Do You Know if You Need New Pipes?

It is easy to forget about your plumbing system until an issue occurs. For many people it is out of sight and out of mind, but the longer you let an issue progress, the more costly and extensive it can become. The piping throughout your home or business can last for a long time, but it is important to recognize when it may be time for an update.

Some of the signs that you should call EJ Plumbing include:

  • Discoloration of water
  • Flakes of rust in your water
  • Reduced water pressure
  • Stains in the tub or sink from yellow or brown water leaking out

Call EJ Plumbing When You Need the Best

Our San Jose repiping team prides themselves on providing outstanding plumbing service and quality work for every customer. We know that a lot of people have a limited understanding of their plumbing system, but you shouldn’t have to be an expert - that is what we are here for. We can provide a full inspection of your system and address any concerns. We also focus on recognizing issues before they escalate to avoid worst case scenarios.

Call us immediately at (650) 513-8852 or use our online form if you are experiencing a plumbing issue. We deliver fast results and high rates of satisfaction.

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