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Bringing Trenchless Sewer Repair in Santa Clara, CA

At EJ Plumbing, we're pleased to offer modern trenchless sewer repair in Santa Clara, CA, to resolve a wide range of issues. This repair strategy is highly preferred by our local clientele because it allows the repair work to be performed right inside the existing pipeline.

Among the trenchless repairs we offer are:

Signs That Trenchless Repair is in Order

If you've noticed standing water, sunken spots, or especially healthy foliage in your yard, a buried sewer line in the area may have developed a leak. Our team can also use a waterproof sewer camera to detect cracks, corrosion, and other forms of damage that are best observed from the inside of the pipe. Once we get the results, we can determine if trenchless sewer line repair is needed.

The Issues That Trenchless Sewer Repair Can Address

Trenchless pipe lining and other services provide us with a highly effective method of sealing up leaky spots, spanning over small pipeline separations, and blocking out invasive tree roots. The new liner can also reinforce pipe sections that have been weakened by corrosion or the effects of old age. We offer trenchless repairs in:

The Importance of Our Trenchless Services

Our trenchless pipe replacement services provide a way for us to make necessary repairs to a damaged line without the need for expensive, destructive excavation at the ground surface. This means that your grass, landscaping, and pavement will be left undisturbed when the job is through.

A Look at The Trenchless Repair Process

When you hire us for trenchless sewer replacement or repair, you can expect our personnel to conduct a complete investigation of the line to determine the location and extent of any problems. We'll then utilize a valve or connection point to insert a new liner directly into the existing pipe. After the liner cures to full strength, the pipe can be returned to use.


Frequently Asked Questions

In most cases, we can perform our trenchless relining work in just a few hours.

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