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Let Us Address Your Sewer Backup in Santa Clara, CA

No one ever wants to deal with a sewer backup in Santa Clara, CA, but we here at EJ Plumbing are ready to respond if one ever happens to you. We offer professional cleanup and pipe repair work. Our coverage area includes:

Leading Causes of Sewage Backups

Discarding small amounts of grease, food, hair, and other items into a drain may seem like a small matter, but these materials can build up over time to create major obstructions that cause a sewage backup in basement or other areas. Cracked, corroded, and collapsed pipes are also behind many sewer line backups.

Ways to Prevent a Backup

Most sewer and mainline backup problems could be avoided with proper disposal of grease, food scraps, personal care products, and other large items in the trash instead of down the drain. Keeping pipes in good repair with periodic inspection, cleaning, and maintenance can also head off many damage-related backups.

The Steps We Take to Address Sewage Backups

Our plumber in Santa Clara, CA, starts every project involving sewer backups with a complete evaluation to pinpoint the location and extent of the problem. Our methods also allow us to determine the age and condition of the line so that we can implement appropriate corrective actions.

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