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Taking Care of Any Sewer Backup in Los Altos Hills, CA

Get started with addressing a sewer backup in Los Altos Hills, CA, by bringing EJ Plumbing up to speed. Contact us as soon as you notice an issue affecting your sewer system. We have 20 years of experience addressing such issues promptly and efficiently.

The Facts on Sewer Line Backups

If you own a home in the local area for quite some time now, you're likely to eventually need the help of the team at EJ Plumbing to keep your plumbing and sewer lines in good working order. Your plumber in Los Altos Hills, CA, is backed by more than two decades of professional experience, so turn to us for assistance if you ever find yourself dealing with a backed-up sewer line at your property.

Why Sewer Line Backups Occur

Sewer obstructions that contribute to sewage backups are caused by accumulated debris inside the line as well as by damage to the structural integrity of the piping material itself. Tree roots can also find their way into a sewer line and impede the flow of water to the point that a backup occurs.

Signs of Possible Sewer Line Problems

If you've noticed sunken spots in your lawn, slow-draining pipes, or bad smells coming from your drains, a sewer, or worse, a mainline backup may be brewing. Old pipes are also highly prone to problems, so you should be extra vigilant to potential issues if your sewer is more than 50 years old.

Ways to Prevent Sewage Backups

Early action is critical to preventing sewage backup in the basement or living areas. Our team is equipped to perform routine drain cleaning and inspections to detect major problems. In between our service visits, you and your household can head off problems by discarding grease, hair, food particles, personal care products, and other possible sewer-obstructing material in the trash instead of in a drain.

Cleaning up After a Sewer Backup

You won't have to face a daunting sewage cleanup project alone because our team is just a phone call away. We bring proven expertise to every project, and we'll perform the work to your satisfaction. We'll also efficiently handle any repairs that are needed to return the pipe to full functionality and prevent future backups.

Why Make Us Your Service Providers

As one of the area's leading sewage cleanup companies, our business boasts a great reputation for quality and professionalism. We also offer competitive pricing, detail-oriented work, and speedy project turnaround on every job.

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We’re Ready to Take Care of the Problem

EJ Plumbing is ready to respond to any residential sewer backup. Be sure to contact us to arrange services at your location today. We also offer: