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A backed up drain is a huge inconvenience no matter when or where it happens. If you're dealing with a smelly clogged drain, don't wait to call EJ Plumbing for fast, effective service at fair prices. With more than 20 years of experience, there's no clog too tough for our plumbers to handle! For your convenience, we happily offer same-day service.

Our Santa Clara drain cleaning services cover:

  • Clogged kitchen sink drains
  • Backed up shower and tub drains
  • Clogged floor drains
  • Clogged toilets

How to Avoid Clogged Drains

Clogged drains are a part of life: they’re going to happen eventually. However, they will happen a lot more frequently if you don’t take adequate care of your drains and be careful what you put down them. At EJ Plumbing, we understand the stress and hassle of a drain clog, so we want to arm you with the knowledge of how to avoid them. Believe it or not, it’s easier than you might think.

Be careful what you put down the drain

Your drains can’t handle anything and everything you throw at them. Certain things are more conducive to building up clogs, so avoiding putting those things down your drain will help your drain clog up less. Try to avoid putting long strands of hair, clog-causing foods, fats and oils, or excessively sticky substances down your drain. You’ll be thankful later when you don’t have to worry about the hassle of a nasty clog.

Use your garbage can

If you’re not sure whether or not you should put something down your drain, err on the side of caution and just throw it away in your regular garbage can. In addition to causing clogs, some substances can actually cause serious damage to your drain itself, including corroding away at the walls of your drain line.

Never use chemical drain cleaners

Have you ever seen those chemical drain cleaner products on the shelves at home improvement stores? Don’t waste your time or your money—these strong acids are designed to eat away at clogs and dissolve them, but they also dissolve your drain line, damaging it. A better argument can be made for biological drain cleaners, including ones that use specially-designed bacteria to eat away at clogs because these types of bacteria are harmless and do eat away at residue. However, they take a long time and are not a fast solution when you have a clog in your line.

Have your drains inspected by a professional

If you want to avoid the hassle of a clog, regular drain inspections can do just that. A professional inspection uses modern tools like a drain camera to check for buildup accumulating on the walls of your line as well as the condition of the drain line itself. If this buildup is becoming an issue, a plumber can then go in with a jetting tool and clean the line to prevent a clog from forming.

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When you need plumbing services in San Jose, Santa Clara, or any of the communities in the surrounding Bay Area, count on EJ Plumbing. With more than a decade of industry experience, our expertly-trained technicians can handle just about any plumbing problem you may have. From drain cleaning to water leaks, sewer line replacements, toilet repairs, and more, you can rely on us for all your residential plumbing needs. We even offer emergency services upon availability for serious issues that just can't wait. Our dependable team is always available to assist you.