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Why DIY Methods Might Not Solve Your Drain Problems

31 Oct 2023
Plunger being used to clear a clogged drain San Jose, CA

Constantly dealing with clogged drains can prompt the inclination to tackle things via the DIY route. However, it’s important to remember that DIY drain cleaning methods might not always yield the desired results and can…

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How to Find Reliable Drain Cleaning Services: Choosing the Right Specialists

26 Oct 2023
Drain snaking procedure Mountain View, CA

When faced with persistent drain issues, finding a reliable and competent drain cleaning service becomes paramount. However, with numerous options available, selecting the right service provider can sometimes seem like a daunting task. So how…

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What Causes Stubborn Clogs? Learn How Professional Drain Cleaning Can Help!

26 Oct 2023
Plumber repairing clogged grease trap Los Altos Hills, CA

Dealing with a clogged drain can be an unwelcome hassle, often leading to unpleasant odors and slow drainage. Understanding the common causes of drain clogs can help you take preventative measures to maintain a smoothly…

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How Often Should You Schedule Professional Drain Cleaning Services?

15 Oct 2023
Clogged drain being cleared Los Altos Hills, CA

One often overlooked aspect of plumbing maintenance is regular drain cleaning. Clogged drains can lead to a myriad of issues, including foul odors, slow drainage, and even potential water damage. Understanding the importance of scheduling…

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Types of Drain Cleaning Used by Plumbers

27 Sep 2023
clogged drain in San Jose, CA

Drain clogs not only impede your drain but also create health hazards in your home. If you can’t seem to clear a stubborn clog, you may need to call a plumber in San Jose, CA.…

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Where Can I Find Emergency Plumbing Services?

22 Sep 2023
plumbers repairing in Mountain View, CA

When you need an emergency plumber in Mountain View, CA, contact EJ Plumbing & Water Heaters. Our experienced team will offer the best emergency service to ensure your home or business is safe from the…

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Why Do You Need Sewer And Drain Cleaning

19 Sep 2023
overflowing sewer system in Los Altos, CA

As much as we would love for pipes and drains to run smoothly at all times, problems like clogs, blockages, and even burst pipes are quite common. Luckily, drain cleaning can prevent many plumbing catastrophes.…

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Why Do I Have A Recurring Drain Problem?

15 Sep 2023
drain backed up

If you have a persistent leak or clog, it can cause even bigger problems with your home’s system. In that situation, you can have a specialist plumber in Los Altos Hills, CA from EJ Plumbing…

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When Do You Need Repiping?

31 Aug 2023
rusted pipes

You will need to get your pipes changed when you encounter major plumbing issues at home. Among the key issues that demand repiping include corrosion, aging, internal damage, and a plumbing system that hasn’t been…

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The Top Six Main Causes of Sewer Backups

25 Aug 2023
tree root clogging sewer system in Los Altos, CA

Sewer backups can cause serious issues in your home. Wastewater causes damage and possible health issues. It also means there are serious underlying problems in your plumbing. You’ll need professional sewer cleanup for a sewer…

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