Which Is Better, Traditional Or Tankless Water Heaters?

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Which Is Better Traditional Or Tankless Water Heaters

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a tankless water heater?

Will a tankless water heater or a conventional water heater be your best option?

We know at EJ Plumbing, as new homes and businesses are built and old water heaters are being replaced, the popularity of tankless water heaters is increasing. Here are the disadvantages and advantages of tankless water heaters vs traditional:

Hot Water on Demand

A conventional water heater will hold several gallons of water in a tank and heat it to your desired temperature. When you use the hot water throughout your home, it will deplete the tank. The tank will continue to fill and heat water. But, if there is too much of a demand for hot water, it can run out until more water can be heated.

A tankless water heater is just what it sounds like. There is no tank. Your water lines will run directly into the tankless system heating water immediately whenever there is a demand for hot water. So, you never run out of hot water.

Initial Cost

The initial cost of a tankless system is more than a traditional water heater. Not only will the unit cost more, but you may also have to install special ventilation or electrical needs. But, it can pay for itself over time with easier maintenance, years of service, and other financial savings.


One of the main reasons conventional water heaters fail is because of a leaking tank. Since a tankless water heater doesn’t use a tank, they will last longer. A tankless system will also usually have a longer covered warranty period.

Utility Usage

A tankless water heater will use less energy than a traditional water heater. A conventional water heater will heat a full tank of water and keep reheating the tank to keep it hot until it is used, essentially wasting energy. A tankless water heater will only kick on when there is a demand for hot water. So, it uses less energy and will lower your utility bills. Tankless systems can use up to fifty percent less energy than a conventional water heater.

Life Span

A tankless water heater will last about twenty years, which is nearly twice as long as a conventional water heater.

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