The Top Six Main Causes of Sewer Backups

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tree root clogging sewer system in Los Altos, CA

Sewer backups can cause serious issues in your home. Wastewater causes damage and possible health issues. It also means there are serious underlying problems in your plumbing. You’ll need professional sewer cleanup for a sewer backup in Los Altos Hills, CA to resolve these problems.

EJ Plumbing reveals some of the main causes of sewer backups and why you need immediate action against them.

Main Sewer Line Obstruction

A sewer mainline backup is difficult to predict due to infrequent access and inspection. You will only see the aftereffects of its clogging. Its main causes are external and internal obstructions. A mainline backup will cause wastewater damage to soil and surrounding property.

Flooding and water overcapacity

Sewage systems can only hold so much wastewater. It gets worse when heavy rainfall and flooding pools in the sewer area. Until rains and flooding stop, there is no recourse for a sewage backup. Proper cleaning and clear-out of your sewer will help manage the wastewater backup.

Old sewerage plumbing

Property owners must be aware of the age of their sewer systems. From here, they can anticipate any upcoming issues or damage, as expected. They will be more prone to issues. Call for an expert sewer cleanup the same day. The key is to prevent water damage around the soil and property, not to mention its noxious odors.

Oil and sludge

It is not ok for kitchen users at home to dispose of cooking oil and oily sludge wastes down the drain. Not only will the oil stick to the pipe surface and build up, but it can also trap particles and debris. These will cause major blockages inside the sewer pipes. Over time, the stalling of wastewater will lead to clogging, and then to wastewater backups. You will need immediate sewage cleanup.

Small objects down the drain

Both your kitchen sink and toilets are not alternative trash cans. No matter how small your garbage is, they don’t belong down in your drains. When these small objects, particles, and debris accumulates or joins forces with sticky, oily, sludge waste, they will build up and clog the sewer lines.

Tree root clogging

Take note of any trees near your sewer area. Over time, tree roots can branch out in search of water sources and hit your sewer pipes. These roots will focus their growth there to use up the wastewater. They will clog your sewer and cause major wastewater backups. You may already need trenchless sewer repair to clear out the sewer path.

Resolving sewer backups

Homeowners should be aware of these main causes of sewer backups. If you encounter a sewage backup, your best bet is your local sewer specialist, EJ Plumbing. We will determine the root cause of the problem, and the best solution to stop it for good.

EJ Plumbing’s local sewer expertise makes us one of the most in-demand sewage cleanup companies in Los Altos Hills, CA. Call us today for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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