Top Four Reasons You Need to Upgrade Your Water Heater

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Most water heater systems can answer the daily demand of its users. Over the years, you may experience an occasional malfunction. You have to take in consideration any changes in use and how long it has been servicing your household. Basic water heater repair in Mountain View, CA can resolve most issues.

You have to replace your water heater when it can no longer handle its regular functions. EJ Plumbing gives you a rundown on why you may already need a water heater upgrade.

Too many years of service

Most water heaters can provide up to ten years of working service. Any normal function beyond these years is a blessing. When it starts to lose its main functions, it is inevitable to get a water heater replacement. It will save you from delays and extra costs for repairs. There are many newer water heater models that are more durable and have high energy ratings to consider.

High utility bills

When your water heater progressively gets worse, you will experience higher water bills. An older water heater with lessened functionality demands bigger electricity. It’s time for a new water heater installation. You can replace it from among many newer water heaters that are more energy-efficient. This will equal to bigger savings on your electricity in the long run.

Recurring repairs

You will experience repeated water heater repairs if it’s too old. There will also be higher electricity bills. It’s a drain on your wallet. Stop paying for the same water heater maintenance or repair. Get a new and better water heater installed.

Non stop leaks

A water heater that continues to leak is a sign of its deteriorating parts or impending failure. It will cause higher water and electricity bills, and also mold and water damage. Call your trusted plumbing company to assess the situation. You have options for repair or a replacement, such as a tankless water heater.

EJ Plumbing has been in the plumbing industry for more than two decades. Our experience in water heaters has given us insight on the inevitable part of their life cycle. Give us a call today for expert installation and replacement services.

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