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Tips for a Clean Home in 2020

Unfortunately, not everyone has the organizational and cleaning skills of Marie Kondo. And if you’re trying to make a complete 180 from someone with a minor hoarding addiction to a cleaning whiz, you’re going to need some guidance. With over two decades of experience in taking care of homes, the experts at EJ Plumbing have learned a thing or two about keeping a clean environment. Make sure to continue reading to find out how you can start creating better housekeeping habits for the new year.

Purge any clutter

We always recommend starting the cleaning process by clearing out any useless items. Take a look around your most lived-in room; you might notice old magazines or broken electronics that don’t serve a purpose anymore. It’s best to throw these out for a more streamlined feel. If there are other items that you don’t have a specific need for, donate it to a local shelter.


It’s easy for our kitchens to become one of the messiest rooms in our home— dishes pile up, your kids create random concoctions, and accidents happen. But since it’s also one of the most used spaces in your home, it’s essential to make it a clean and safe environment. Follow these tips regularly, and you won’t have to deal with a huge mess:

  • Run the dishwasher every night and make sure there’s nothing left in the sink.

  • Toss out any expired food every week.

  • Wipe down your countertops and sweep the floors


It’s safe to assume that we all have that special chair in the corner of our bedroom. The one that piles up with your clothes from the week to the point you can’t even recognize it as a chair anymore. Avoid accumulating a mess by keeping up with this daily routine:

  • Make your bed every morning.

  • Wash the sheets, dust surfaces, and vacuum the floors weekly.

  • Put away clothes and clutter in their designated place at the end of the night.


Your living room likely receives the most traffic and use in your home. Shared spaces can be challenging to keep clean and quickly become littered with everyone’s stuff. Here are simple steps to keep this room in order:

  • Provide lots of storage and make sure clutter is put away in their designated spots.

  • Remind the members in your household that their items should not be left out.

  • Dust the mantel, coffee table, and end tables regularly.

  • Vacuum the floors and couches- especially if you have pets.


From leftover toothpaste to an overflowing toilet, there’s no shortage of mess in the bathroom. Keep it clean with these tips:

  • Rinse the sink after every use and cleanse it weekly.

  • Scrub and disinfect the shower, tub, and toilet weekly.

  • Remove water stains on your mirror weekly.

  • Mop the floors weekly.

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