Holiday Foods That Destroy Your Plumbing

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Holiday Foods That Destroy Your Plumbing

Don’t let plumbing issues distract you from spending time with your loved ones. Here are some items that should not be put down your drain:

Turkey Wishbone

Also: Other Bones, Meat Sides

Bones, meat, and sides are way too bulky and tough to go down the drain. You’ll risk an easy clog if these make it down.

Pumpkin Seeds

Also: Pumpkin Pulp, Fruit Pits, Pie Filling

Pumpkin seeds are large and can easily get lodged in a drain, and the pulp is so stringy and dense it could easily create a clog. Plus, pie filling belongs in your belly, not the drain!

Coffee Grinds

Also: Coffee Beans, Tea Leaves, Sugar

When making coffee and tea for yourself or guests, make sure the byproducts go in the garbage. Coffee grinds clump together when wet and are difficult to get around.


Also: Liquid Fat, Bacon Grease, Butter

Never pour oils or liquid fats down the drain. Fats like butter and bacon grease can solidify when brought back to room temperature, and regular oils will coat your pipes, causing buildup.


Also: Potatoes, Stringy Vegetables, Stuffing

Starches expand when in water and will turn into massive clumps if they make it down the drain. Vegetables can also cause a blockage if they collect in drain pipes.

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