Why Is It Difficult To Maintain Your Sewer?

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A sewer backup in Santa Clara, CA is one of the main consequences of the lack of sewer care and maintenance. Your sewer system plays a crucial role in transporting wastewater away from our homes. But it remains out of sight and out of mind until a problem arises. There are different reasons why it can be difficult to maintain not just because of pure neglect.

Why Is It Hard To Maintain Sewers?

Maintaining a sewer system can be challenging due to various factors. Its underground location, not knowing where to find it, lack of time, and having to handle stinky wastewater are common issues. External influences like tree roots and ground shifts cause damage and are not seen at once. Understanding these challenges can help homeowners take proactive steps to protect their sewer lines and minimize the risk of backups and costly repairs.

Some of the best proactive steps you can take in sewer maintenance is knowing its location and current status. A plumbing inspection can show you its complete overview and inform any need to repair or do deep drain cleaning.

Proper Sewer Maintenance

Hydro jetting is effective for clearing blockages and cleaning sewer lines using high-pressure water. Sewer lines are constantly exposed to various types of waste, including grease, hair, soap scum, mineral deposits, and non-biodegradable items. They all accumulate and lead to blockages.

Tree roots are silent destroyers, seeking moisture and nutrients. They cause cracks and water damage that can compromise the system’s integrity and mess up the surroundings. Regular maintenance and monitoring are important to prevent them and ensure the sewer system’s longevity. Know your sewer and its surroundings and conditions to preempt issues.

Sewer lines that have heavy corrosion or deterioration such as cast iron are on their way to inevitable replacement. Trenchless sewer repair is effective in dealing with these issues at the onset of the problem.

You need expert drain cleaning to handle maintenance for your sewers. It prevents many major issues that lead to damage and sewer backups. You also need sewage cleanup when a backup occurs and after drain cleaning. Call EJ Home Services today for expert drain cleaning services!

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