Frequently Asked Questions About Home Repiping

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Repiping is the process of replacing the interlocked network of hot and cold water pipes that exist throughout a house. Most people are familiar with the basic information, such as the main types of pipe materials used and the reasons why this procedure is necessary. However, there are still some questions that homeowners would like answered before considering whole house repiping.

As a long-time trusted provider of repiping services in San Jose, CA, EJ Plumbing frequently gets asked about these repiping concerns.

Is It Just Piping?

Repiping is more than replacing the pipes in a house or building. During a repipe, several major steps that include drawing up the repiping plans, pipe installations, and the reconstruction of your home are carried out.

What Are the Other Tasks Involved?

Home repiping services can sometimes require a city permit to demolish parts of the house and begin the project. Local codes determine how and where new plumbing lines are installed and require that a city inspector take one final review of your new plumbing system. Then, there are the additional tasks of selecting the right piping materials, locating an alternative water source and potentially relocating to another home. But don’t worry, we can help you with all this.

How Long Does It Take?

The length of time it takes to repipe depends on the amount of area covered, the number of repipe specialists needed, and the complexity of the piping system. A smaller home would probably take around at least two full working days to repipe. A bigger house would naturally take a bit longer, but not too long that it will take months.

Will They Demolish the Whole House?

This is a common concern with homeowners. Repipe specialists are careful to minimize the damage done to your home and avoid turning it into a noisy, messy construction site. When we’re on the job, we take extra steps to cover the flooring and furniture. On top of that, we use the least invasive tools and work methods.

When your pipes become inoperative over time, repiping can be an ideal solution. Contact EJ Plumbing to learn more about our home repipe services.

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