How To Have The Best Self Care Night

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There’s no better time to treat yoself and your loved ones than Valentine’s Day! Some people love any excuse to get dressed up and head out to paint the town Cupid Red, but for others, a relaxing evening in sounds like a self-care sanctuary.

3 Simple Ways to Have a Safe and Relaxing Self-Care Saturday

Sure Valentine’s Day is on a Monday this year, but that’s no reason to wait to pamper yourself. Follow these tips to have the best at-home spa-day ever:

Skip the Bath Bombs

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Bath bombs just aren’t good for your plumbing. Bubble baths, on the other hand, are a great alternative! Since they’re made from a gel, bubbles don’t have any problem dissipating as they head down the drain.

And if you really want to use a bath bomb, just try to grab one that doesn’t have chunks of foreign objects like glitter or flower petals in it.

Brew Your Own Tea

There’s nothing quite like calming down with a nice relaxing mug of tea. And making your own only adds to the fun! Choose calming herbs such as chamomile, lavender, rose hips, and mint and grab a reusable tea strainer or fill your own tea bags for a take-home gift.

Remember, always dispose of tea leaves in the compost bin or trash and NOT down your drains to avoid unnecessary clogging.

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