4 Ways to Get Rid of Odors in the Kitchen

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4 Ways to Get Rid of Odors in the Kitchen

The kitchen tends to be the center of all the action in most homes — a place where you and your loved ones can hang out, bake, and eat together. But, no one wants to hang out in a kitchen where stubborn smells linger. Here are some easy tips and tricks to keep your kitchen smelling fresh:


Sponges are an everyday accessory found in most kitchens. They are a great tool to get many things in your kitchen clean, from dishes, counters, appliances, and more. After seeing a lot of action around the kitchen, they can tend to stink. Since sponges are porous, they trap more bacteria. Leaving a sponge out in the sun is a helpful step in killing the bacteria it can hold. You can also throw your sponge in your dishwasher periodically; this will help prolong the life of the sponge.

The Fridge

Cleaning out the fridge can seem like a daunting task, but it can do wonders to keep your kitchen smelling clean. A tip to keeping the fridge from stinking is scheduling when to throw out and remove old food. Holding onto rotting vegetables or out-of-date yogurt is a sure-fire way to end up with a stinky fridge. If after you’ve removed all the old food and you still find your fridge smelling, opening up a box of baking soda can help get rid of the remaining odors.

Homemade Diffuser

Take a pot of boiling water and add some of your favorite scents to create your own homemade diffuser. It can be anything from cinnamon sticks, mint leaves, or a few drops of your favorite essential oil. The boiling water will help bring out the amazing scents of these items and spread them around your kitchen. This method of creating a lovely aroma in your kitchen is much nicer on your lungs than using store-bought chemical air fresheners. Plus, it’s customizable! The options are endless for how you can make your kitchen smell.

The Tried and True

A great way to keep odors at bay and keep them from getting worse is periodically sprinkling baking soda down your drain. A small amount can go a long way with your pipes. If the stubborn odor persists, try adding some lemon and turn on the garbage disposal. This will also help your kitchen smell like delicious citrus.

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