Tips To Conserve Water In The New Year

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New year — same home. While it may not be as exciting to start a new year in the same place, with the same responsibilities and problems as the year before, one issue you can take steps to change is a high water bill!

New Years Resolution: Save Water at Home

There are many areas where we use water in our homes, which means many opportunities to increase efficiency and reduce waste. Follow these tips to see a decrease in your water bills in 2022:

  • Fill up the dishwasher before running it. Did you know that running the dishwasher with a full load of dishes actually saves more water than washing dishes by hand? The trick to this tip is that the dishwasher has to be full for the savings to hit — so go ahead and let the dishes stack up!
  • Reuse water where you can. Resuing water may sound strange, but it’s easier than you may think! Rinse fresh produce over a bowl to collect the water used, and reuse the water to water your houseplants.
  • Repair any and all leaks — and we many all leaks. Even the smallest leak can add up over time. If you spot a leak or suspect you may have a hidden leak, don’t wait for an exorbitant water bill to find out for sure.
  • Make upgrades where you can. This is especially important for anyone living in an older home. Upgrading an older model toilet, shower, or sink can save you hundreds of dollars throughout the course of the year. Plus, you’ll get other perks — like better water pressure.
  • Reduce time spent in the shower. While a long, hot shower may be great for the soul, one thing it’s not great for is your water bill. Try to cut showers down by ten minutes to see how much water you can save!

There are many more ways to become more efficient at home, but these are a great place to start. If you’re ready to invest in higher quality fixtures or want to finally get that leaky sink checked out, contact the team ta EJ Plumbing!

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