4 Weird Animal Poop Facts

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4 Weird Animal Poop Facts

Poop is weird, there are no two ways about it. But the weirdest number two facts don’t belong to the human world — they belong to the animal kingdom.

4 Animals with Weird Poop

Everybody poops. But not everybody poops the same. Keep reading to find out some of our favorite strange animal feces facts!


Did you know capybaras poop in two different ways? The first kind is black or brown, very hard, and devoid of any nutritional value. The second version of poop is green, soft, and nutritious. Why the difference? Capybaras feed on their own poo to regain nutrition!

Turkey Vultures

It’s not uncommon to see turkey vultures pooping on their own feet. While some may be embarrassed at this practice, turkey vultures have a good reason! The poop of a turkey vulture is filled with good bacteria that kills bad bacteria, keeping their feet clean after scavenging on dead animals.


Pandas are large animals, and as such, need to consume a ton of food each day. The average adult panda eats around 26 and 84 pounds of food every day! With big appetites come big responsibilities — zookeepers clean out as much as 50 pounds of poop per panda per day.


Odd poop habits, meet odd poop shapes! Wombat’s poop comes out as a perfect square. On average, a wombat will poop 80 to 100 square pellets daily. Why squares? Wombats mostly feed on grass and bark, which means their poop is high in fiber and very dense. This, plus the fact that their intestines have ridges and they have a very slow digestive process, adds up to square poop!

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