Guy teaching someone plumbing.

5 Plumbing Tips to Teach Your Teen

Your teenage years can be some of the hardest of your life. Between prepping for SATs, trying to find yourself, and living through the highs and lows of high school football, there isn’t a lot of time to learn the skills you need to take care of a home. That doesn’t always bode well for your plumbing system which requires a certain amount of care and caution to function properly.

To spare yourself some frustration and to prepare your teen for life outside of the home, here’s everything they need to know about proper plumbing protocol.

Don’t Treat the Toilet Like a Trash Can

Flushing the wrong things can cause big trouble in the long run. Not only can debris back up your plumbing system, but it can also damage the underground septic tank. Some of the things that can clog the toilet include disposable wipes, hair, diapers, and cotton balls.

Don’t Use Chemical Drain Cleaners

Store-bought drain cleaners seem convenient. Unfortunately, they can contain abrasive chemicals. Toxic ingredients, like lye and sulfuric acid, can gradually eat away at plumbing pipes. Furthermore, these products are only temporarily effective. The best approach is to call a professional to unclog drains. You won't have to worry about a blockage reoccurring anytime soon.

Be Careful What You Put In the Kitchen Sink

It’s not uncommon for a kitchen drain to become clogged. In most instances, this is a result of the homeowner being negligent. Some of the things that should never be rinsed down your drain include coffee grounds, rice, bacon grease, and vegetable peelings.

Prevent Shower Clogs

Excessive showers will take their toll on your plumbing. Fortunately, shower and bathtub blockages are easy to prevent. While installing a hair catcher over the drain will help, this feature won’t stop soaps and hair conditioners from flowing through. To eliminate problems, it’s advisable to flush the drain weekly. After boiling a large pot of hot water, carefully pour it down the shower drain. The hot water will help break down any gunk.

Know Where the Water Supply Valves Are

In the event of a burst pipe or an overflowing toilet, your teenager should know the location of the water supply valves. These are emergencies that require immediate action. Shutting off the water could prevent thousands of dollars in damage.


Bottom line: Your instructions may come with sighing and eye-rolling, but there will come a day when your teen will appreciate you passing down your ancient wisdom. For all of your plumbing needs, contact EJ Plumbing at (650) 513-8852.