Pre-Vacation Home Checklist

8 Tasks to Complete Before Leaving for Vacation

Follow this list to make sure your home is ready to handle life without you!


  • Shut off water and gas - The easiest way to prevent a leak at home is to turn off the availability of water and gas! If something happens while you’re away, you won’t have to return to disaster control.
  • Turn on vacation mode on the water heater - This saves energy by keeping the water in the tank at a lower temperature than usual.
  • Check for and fix any leaks - Feel for moisture and water around the base of any outdoor faucets and taps.
  • Test the sump pump - This will ensure your system is working correctly to protect your home from flooding while you’re away.
  • Turn off sprinklers - If you turn off the water, make sure to turn your sprinklers off too!


  • Lower the thermostat - Raise the temperature at least 5 degrees to save money on energy while still keeping your home air-conditioned.
  • Close the blinds - This prevents the sun from heating up your home while you’re away.
  • Unplug large appliances - Electronics continue to draw power even if they aren’t in use, so unplug any appliances you won’t be using while you’re gone.