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Can Animals Enter My Home Through Plumbing?

Rats crawling out of your toilet is an urban legend...right?

Animals Found in Plumbing Systems

Unfortunately, the truth is that many kinds of pests have been known to enter a home via the plumbing system.


Frogs live in water and on dry land and need their skin to be kept wet, which draws them into areas such as your plumbing. Frogs don’t seek out homes in their search for water, but if they stray into a cracked sewer pipe or opening in your plumbing, they could end up inside your house.


Did you know mice can fit through an opening the size of a nickel? Rodents will seek out places with a steady supply of food and water, and rats can even swim up through sewer pipes in their search for shelter—ending up in your home’s plumbing system.


Snakes in your plumbing? For many homeowners, a snake slithering out of the toilet is the stuff of nightmares, but this is even more of a rare occurrence than other stories. Thankfully, of the 33 species of snakes native to California, only six are venomous, and these species likely won’t seek out water. If you do happen to find a snake in your home at all, contact animal control for removal.

Finding wild animals in your home can be a scary experience for you and your family, but keep in mind: any animal is just as (if not more) scared than you are. Contact pest or animal control companies to help you remove any wildlife from your home and seek a professional plumber to examine your plumbing and inspect your sewer lines to prevent more animals from getting trapped.