Man re-tiling a bathroom floor.

4 DIY Bathroom Projects to Complete in Quarantine

Under unfortunate circumstances, you’ve found yourself with plenty of time on your hands. While the majority of businesses are shuttered, hardware stores are still open. That means you have no reason to put off those home improvements any longer.

Upgrading your bathroom with these DIY projects is a great way to social distance yourself from your television and refrigerator and get creative.

Retile the Shower

Give your dated shower a facelift. Retiling is a great way to give your bathroom a bold new look without making any structural changes.

You can’t go wrong with subway tiles or luxe white marble, but if you really want to make a splash, tiles with a graphic overlay lend your bathroom a touch of drama.

Add a Towel Warmer

You know how it feels to wrap yourself up in a towel fresh out of the dryer. A towel warming rack provides the same sensation every time you step out of the shower. It also helps take the chill out of your bathroom by serving as a space heater.

An electric towel warmer can either be plugged into a standard outlet or hardwired. Either way, they consume very little energy, operating for just pennies a day.

Paint the Vanity

Why not refresh your vanity with a coat of paint? The vanity can make a statement with a bold color off of which other bathroom materials can play. For example, fire engine red would pop against a playful black-and-white wallpaper pattern. While you’re at it, change out the hardware for trendy knobs and pulls.

Install a Bidet Attachment

When local governments announced lockdowns, you made sure that your toilet paper trove was second to none. Upgrading your toilet with a bidet attachment will preserve your stockpile while improving your hygiene. Today’s bidets come with luxury features such as adjustable water temperature, remote control spray nozzle positioning, and warm-air dryers. Bidet attachments fit most round or elongated toilets and they’re easy enough to install for the average DIYer.


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