Someone pouring chemical drain cleaner down the bathroom sink.

Chemical Drain Cleaners: Friend or Foe?

It is always frustrating when your plumbing is not working correctly. A clogged or slow drain can be a significant inconvenience. You have probably heard of several chemical drain cleaners that claim to be a perfect solution. However, before you pour one of these products down your drain, consider the possible consequences.

Harmful to Your Plumbing

Most chemical drain cleaners that you can buy in the store contain highly caustic substances like sodium hydroxide and bleach. While it's true that chemical cleaners can help dissolve some more common clogs, they can also do damage to your pipes and fixtures over time. Homeowners with PVC pipes in their plumbing system need to be especially concerned about the potential for cracks and leaks.

Bad for the Environment

Remember that whatever goes into your pipes eventually makes its way back into the water supply. If you have a septic system, these strong chemicals will kill the good bacteria that help to break down waste before going out into your drain field. These types of substances are harmful to all kinds of plant and animal life.

Harmful to Your Health

When you read the label on a bottle of drain cleaner, you may think twice about whether you want it around your home. The chemicals in these cleaners are harmful if they come into contact with your skin or eyes. They can be deadly if swallowed accidentally. If you do choose to keep a bottle around, make sure to store it safely away from any pets or children.

At EJ Plumbing, our staff has the knowledge, skill, and equipment to handle any clogged drain. Drain snaking can break up most clogs without any chemicals. Our hydro-jetting service uses the power of high-pressure water to thoroughly clean your pipes from clogs, sediment, and tree roots. If you want professional help with your drains, give us a call today.