Kids playing outside a tent at dusk.

Celebrate a Summer at Home

Summer is a time for relaxation and fun, and you don’t have to break with that tradition amid coronavirus lockdowns. Here are five enjoyable activities to try this summer from the comfort of your home.

1. Plant a Tree

If spending more time with your family during a pandemic has you thinking about the future, you’re not alone. Invest in something that will yield benefits for years to come. Consider planting a tree in your backyard. Depending on its type and size, a tree can produce food, offer shade, or be a beautiful focal point. Consult an arborist to find out what trees do best in your area.

2. Have a Bake-Off

Tired of takeout? Encourage a little healthy competition within your family by having a bake-off. Place the names of different categories of baked dishes in a hat and have each family member select one. Every family member chooses to make a dish in his or her category according to the ingredients in your stocked pantry and their skill level as a cook. Young family members can have no-bake options. Have the dishes for dinner. Recognize who made the tastiest, most unique, or healthiest dish.

3. Do a Bathroom Renovation

With all hands on deck, summer is a great time to tackle a bathroom remodeling project. You’ll have fun picking out colors and decorative themes for the new room. Download free design software to bring your ideas to life on the screen. Shop online for hardware, fixtures, and accessories. Many home decor and hardware stores deliver straight to your door. If your project involves replacing old fixtures such as a toilet or a sink, enlist the help of a reliable plumber.

4. Go Backyard Camping

You love spending time outdoors, but many of your favorite camping spots are closed. Create an amazing camping destination in your own backyard. Set up tents, sleeping bags, and a telescope for a night under the stars. Fire up the grill for an evening meal. If you have a fire pit, roast marshmallows or make s’mores for dessert before hitting the sack.

5. Add an Outdoor Shower

Forget about carving out space in your home for a mudroom. Kick excessive dirt and grime out of your house for good by adding an outdoor shower. This is a great outdoor room addition for kids who play outside with pets or spouses who work outside doing yard work. After choosing a design that works well with your home’s decor, have a plumber to connect the shower to your home’s existing hot and cold water lines and set up drainage pipes to carry wastewater away from your house according to your city’s local building codes.

Bottom line: Spending a lot of time at home means that more people are washing, doing dishes, and using your bathrooms. Make sure that your plumbing is up for the challenge with a professional plumbing inspection. Call (650) 513-8852 to schedule your appointment with EJ Plumbing today.