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How to Choose a Qualified Plumber

When you’re confronted with a plumbing emergency, more often than not, you’ll go with whoever is on the first result when you Google “nearest plumber.” We don’t blame you; under the circumstances, convenience wins to stop extensive water damage. At EJ Plumbing, we have more than a decade of experience in the plumbing industry, so we know how important it is to choose an experienced and qualified team. Plumbing problems can cause long-lasting issues to your home overall, which is why you must do your research before signing a contract. Here’s what you should consider when searching for the right plumber:


First and foremost, you want to make sure a business has its required plumbing license. If you live in California, you can check if a contractor’s license is active by clicking here. At EJ Plumbing, we make sure you can easily find our license number at the bottom of our website.

Amount of experience

We completely understand the saying “quality over quantity.” But we still recommend you find an established plumbing company with several years of experience under their belt. You should see this as a good sign because it typically means they have a proven track record of quality work. So, before making your decision, find out how long a business has been in operation.

Rates and pricing

Be wary of any business that offers services at prices that seem too good to be true. If you notice a wide disparity between estimates, there’s a possibility the plumber is using substandard parts.

Reviews and referrals

In this digital age, you can easily spot a reputable company through a simple search on Google and Yelp. Take some time to read through the experience of past customers to help make your decision. 4 to 5-star reviews are a good indicator of quality work.

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